Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pretty Kitties

Nyan Style

I got this super cute outfit a few days ago from a Pretty Kitties & I just love it! Had a few compliments already when wearing it,  it's definitely a stand out outfit :)  The only downside is that because the tails & ears are grey, they always look like they not rezzed to me  but that's one of the downsides of being in sl so long.

Standing in front of Stacy's Nyan Tank

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Let out your Inner Pinkness

This post is all about my favourite colour pink.. so lets be girlie and have some fun :D In no particular order...

 Lovecats Allure - A elegant classy gown

Lovecats Neko Fae- Mystical & kittylicous all at the same time
Hush Kitty - It's a great outfit in all the colours it comes in teal, which is also my favourite

 Angelic - Pink & Sexy with this light sheer babydoll you can't go wrong

Bitter Bunnies Tutu - One of the first outfits I got. The green version is currently on the Lucky Letters
Bitter Bunnies Love Affair - This is my pink overload outfit I wear when modelling

Skin- Redgrave trinity tan and pale & Amacci olena pale
Hair- Vanity starlight dolly Pink, Truth tyler fades,valeska colors , Magika tendency & Exile One & only
Lashes- Redgrave Diva


Don't forget to check out this month's Bitter Bunnie group gift..who says pink and yellow don't go :)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Be Bunnylicious!!!

 I'm back!
 So after a long absence I'm going to do my first ever post on Bitter Bunnies Designs.

Well I started @ BBD June 2012  and while I always ment to do a post sooner on that awesome place.. but planning my real life wedding along with the fact that I never knew what to say.. I never did!

But anyway lets not dwell on that. Lets share some outfits .. here are some of my favs

Outfit 1

Innocence from the burlesque range. So far I only have this one but I love it goes super well with my hair. I love the shimmery satin top along with the fluffy skirt it's super sexy yet sweet at the same time. And I love the heels with the roses on them .


Outfit 2

Stockings there are two versions to this outfit I'm wearing the pink and white one and my lovely assistant is wearing the original one in black & purple. Has a snuggley hood that you can wear up or down... floaty dress, cute stripey socks and my favourite part laced ankle boots. Don't we look hot!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

I wanna be a fairy!!!

ok so your not a petite but you still want that fairy experience, well here are a  few of my favourite outfits, lovecats of course :)

Wearing Allure
Peacock Fairy
Snow Angel
Wearing Savage fae tan

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I've gone all petite


So it's been a while since I last made a post to be honest I haven't I have wanted to write about until, until now!

So a few weeks ago while I was working my Sunday shift at Lovecats a petite fairy came in and OMG as soon as I saw her I was bitten by the petite bug.

About a week later after deciding on the right one for me I got myself one and they are just do darn cute. And just like her I have been in love with  mine ever since. They are a relevantly new to second life but are making a big impact for their teeny tiny size :) And though the market for them is still small in fashion and housing etc., more designers and builders are following us on this tiny path.

Well here are some cute pics to wet your appetite :)

Friday, 25 November 2011


So it's about time I made a LoveCat's post, I do work there after all.
And can you believe it, I have been there 1 year! Omg how time fly's when your having fun. So here is my celebratory post.

And I have to admit I enjoy it more now than when I first started it's definitely been my favourite place to work and over the course of the year this has confirmed it. I have worked at other places but none can beat this place. I like the fact that your not a model left on on your own to get bored your part of a kitty family. And of course LC makes amazing outfits I have so many favourites it chops and changes depending on my mood or if there is a new release lol.

So here are some pictures

Rainbow Kitteh.
This is my profile picture I have at moment, I love it such a happy outfit.

Snowflake Kitteh. The first outfit I modelled at LoveCats.

YAY! One Year at LoveCats !!!

Lovecats Update

Okay so I wrote this a few days ago while I had the flow of words in my brain. But held off posting till I actually made it to 1 year.

Since then I've been offered a promotion to manager!
 *Happy Purrrrs* ^_^

Friday, 4 November 2011


Yay!! I graduated last night at CWS :D

Graduation Outfit
I was so nervous I have to admit but excited at the same time too :). I have waited a long time for this moment and now I finally made it! YAY!!

Here I am in my long awaited graduation outfit. I have been looking forward to getting it, and it has the added bonus of being in my favourite colour, pink :)

So well done and congratulations to  my fellow graduees from the  October and November classes, We are now on the path to becoming whatever we dream to be in SL.

Here's looking forward to the challenges ahead and entering more styling's now that I have graduated.

TY to my fellow students who put on a good show, our trainers for teaching us so well, TY to Anrol and Steve for founding such a great  and wonderful modelling Academy. And finally, TY to my wonderful partner Raxiel who came and sat in the crowd, and supported me last night and through out the course.

Graduation line up as my partner Raxiel looks on

My Diploma upon the big screen

Yay! we made it !!